Suck My Toes & Lick My Feet Before Bed Preview

  • 5 min

Description: what a long day at work it was and good you are on your knees, faggot slave. my feet are fucking hurting real bad from standing up for so long. stay on your knees, faggot slave. stay there in your place and lick and clean my feet. put your mouth on each of my feet and make my feet soles feel better because they hurt like a bitch. plus you are a bitch. lick and clean them as you massage my feet with your faggot tongue. also suck my toes and clean them too. they hurt like a bitch and a faggot too. suck them good. i know faggots like you like to suck things. cure the pain in my toes like my feet because serving me is your purpose and nothing else. nothing better than my faggot serving me before bed. don't stop licking while massaging my feet and sucking my man toes until i say so, faggot slave! want full clip? available in faphouse & my sites!, amateur, hd videos, gay feet, gay slave, gay pov, gay humiliation, gay slave training, solo, american, gay fetish, foot domination, gay feet worship, gay foot fetish, alpha dom, gay foot worship, foot licking, gay feet fetish, alpha domination, gay humiliation slave, gay feet licking, fetish, white, pov

Starring: Adam Castle

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